: 16 sept. 2018

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PERSONAL INFORMATION Eleni Tsikritsaki-Symixi 
Kastorias 17, 85100 Rhodes (Greece) 00306938883458    00302241068258    ;o=U&video_id=cfs7yNPVxkk Sex Female | Date of birth 09/09/1975 | Nationality Greek 
POSITION MUSICIAN. “Let’s play”. Some words from me to you…I would like to thank you for accepting my invitation and I wish to spend creative moments together full of music. After much search regarding my studies in Music, both in Rhodes and Athens, and after 16 years of occupation with children in education and in laboratories of Preliminary Music Education especially after the most important and instructive experience which is motherhood, I want to offer the experience of Art to the children through play, which is the most natural way of approaching them. What we wish is to feel good and want to go ahead. To do what we have imagined, to say what we have thought and above all to have high spirits and yearning. The pedagogical way we will use is the ORFF system, whose creator is CARL ORFF, who was inspired from the Ancient Greek Art in which music, movement and speech consist a unique whole. The power of expression is liberated through Art. For this to become more understandable let’s see the three stages of Art: a) The raw material as sounds, colours, movements. b) The composition of raw material to every Art correspondingly. If it is sounds, their composition to music. If it is movement, its composition to dance. If it is colours, their composition to a painting. This is the creative part of Art but there is the third stage as well: c) The emotion and the feeling which are caused both to the artist (of any age) and to the spectator-listener by the result of the composition. The emotion and the feeling are an expression which is caused by Art, therefore Art is expression. The expression is personal and unique for everyone and it must not be deteriorated or blocked by a criticism which would say if the creation made by a child or an adult is wrong or right, with the prerequisite of a good knowledge of any Art. I wish an Artistic travel in which the musical wind will send us to the most joyful places. Thank you, Sincerely Yours, Eleni Tsikritsaki.



Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Thérapies Alternatives
 Garde d'enfants
 Éducation artistique
 Culture et développement
 Culture numérique
 La musique
 Europe créative
 Santé mentale

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