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: 15 janv. 2021

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Our Vision:

International Emergency and Development Aid Relief (IEDA Relief Belgium), is a Belgian organization which aims at the global and participatory empowerment of vulnerable groups in Belgium and in the rest of the world.
Through its continuous and convinced commitment, IEDA Relief Belgium intends to make its contribution to international solidarity and mutual tolerance between peoples attached to a fairer and more equitable society where multiculturalism and diversity are common assets.

Our Mission

Alleviating the suffering of vulnerable groups through their effective participation in the analysis of the underlying causes of their own problems and in the search for appropriate and sustainable solutions.
Empowerment of target groups.

With its partners and community representatives, IEDA Relief Belgium enables the target groups to effectively own the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance their own resources and become socio-economic actors in their society

Linkages / Networking

IEDA Relief Belgium acts as a springboard between vulnerable groups and the providers of the services they need. They are methodically supported individually orcollectively in the assessment and development of their socio-professional projects and in networking and partnering with specialized services that help them to achieve their drems.

Household economic security

After the emergency and settlement  phases, IEDA Relief Belgium strives, in consultation with its partners, community representatives  and households, to co-create and perpetuate the economic security oriented projects based for vulnerable groups. Every household has the right to be able to provide for its basic needs in a lasting and dignified manner.


1. Benevolence: Welcoming everyone in their diversity with open arms and without judgment.
2. Resilience: Optimization of limited resources and time to welcome vulnerable people with dignity and professionally, resistance to shocks and stress caused by humanitarian crises.
3. Proactivity: Monitoring and evaluation system of trends and changes in the international context, anchored in the field teams and in the network of our local partners, give us the ability to think and act by anticipating future events and to reduce the impact as much as possible.
4. Synergy: Mobilization and federation of different partners, co-creation of client-oriented projects and pooling of expertise and resources necessary for their implementation and monitoring-evaluation.

Projects in progress

1. Support the refugees and migrants to get the equivalence of their diploma or get the validation of their competencies

2. Coach the refugees and migrants in the design and realisation of their socioprofessional projects

3. Link/refer migrants and refugees to the providers of the services they are looking for:  financial services, vocational trainings, buddy services, employment and incubator services,etc

4. Promote European values, social inclusion; refugees & migrants' active participation in cultural life and sport

The Calls we are following

AMIF 2020 Call for proposals

Topic 2: Reducing obstacles and promote access to basic services for migrants

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Renforcement des compétences
 Innovation sociale
 Social et Bien-être
 Migrants et Réfugiés

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