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: 26 août 2020

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EuroPartners Development (EPD) is an Albanian based organization (NGO)with a mission to advance the Albanian society toward a culture and institutional change in view of European Integration and global developments - by providing expertise support to raise capacities, inform, educate and encourage public and non-public institutions and the community at large for active participation in the democratization and socio-economic development processes and reforms. EPD for more than 16 years has developed into a professional service providing organisation with strong expertise in the area of institutional capacity building for government institutions and non-government organization, European Integration related reforms, economic and regional development, civil service, public policies. The organisation sees itself as a learning organization, evolving and growing in response to changes in the environment affecting development in Albania and other Western Balkan countries. At the same time EPD is committed to providing local expertise and experience to its international partners to achieve best possible project outcomes EuroPartners Development`s team is today a leading provider of premium services, using our extensive knowledge and experience of public sector operations, effective project cycle and change management practices, and dealing with economic, institutional development, good governance and public policy issues. In performing our work we cooperate with different partners, organizations, institutions in Albania and internationally. We maintain Albanian network of experts in many areas and research disciplines. We are also called on by other organizations to be part of their team in completing project work. During working with the projects we are trying to setup successful consortia with foreign and local partners - in line with the Executive Agencies and Donors. EPD is successfully leading technical assistance projects, such us: European Union Programs, Municipalities for Europe project and other cross-border programs. Also, our qualified team has been greatly involved in the preparations and application process for the title Tirana European Youth Capital 2022. The organization’s senior staff and members have between them an extended experience in the development field in Albania and other countries, having worked on various projects funded by the European Commission, World Bank, UNDP, DFID, Sida, UNICEF, AECID etc. Our organization perceives development of Albania as a country pursuing interests in growth beyond its own borders and involving the education of future generations. This requires the support of international development agencies, non-government organisations, and citizens. EPD believes that development is increasingly a continuing learning process of collaboration between stakeholders contributing towards global development goals.

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