: 28 mai 2019

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CONSORTIS was founded in Greece in 2005. The company’s core business consists of Geospatial services such as Land surveying, Cadastral surveying, Aerial surveying, Photogrammetry, Remote sensing, GIS analysis and applications. Throughout the years CONSORTIS has reinforced its presence in these fields and is now among the leading consultancies nationally. As a service provider, CONSORTIS offers Aerial Surveying and 3D Mapping, Remote Sensing, development of GIS and WebGIS applications and Environmental Monitoring. As a consulting company, CONSORTIS provides consultancy in all engineering fields mentioned above such as Urban and Spatial Planning, Architectural design, Environmental Engineering and Transportation projects for the public and private sector.


Since it was founded, the company is in a continuous course of growth in the field of private and public projects. The completeness of the company’s scientific staff and its up to date equipment grants CONSORTIS the flexibility to meet specific requirements regarding the diversity and volume encountered in each and every project. At the same time, the continuous education and training of the staff and the regular renewal of the equipment form a dynamic relationship of the company with the rapidly evolving scientific and technological progress. Moreover, the company has implemented several projects (national and European programmes), as well as territorial cooperation projects including research and innovation. CONSORTIS has undertaken and successfully elaborated several European Territorial Cooperation projects as well as other projects funded by the EU focused on tackling challenges among different regions with the use of Earth Observation techniques. Indicatively, some representative projects are listed: WET-AID, AGROLESS, CESME, TERRA-MED, CIVILWATER, SAFE-WET, AUTONEST, PEARLS.


CONSORTIS has implemented three Greek National Cadastre's Maps projects tendered by the “Hellenic National Cadastre & Mapping Agency ; (NCMA , former KTIMATOLOGIO ) over the last 5 years and has also undertaken specialized projects of Cartography to produce or update maps, photogrammetry projects and production of reduced images and orthophotomaps, digitization of existing plans projects and creation of cadastral data bases, as well as any digitization and georeference.


Another dynamic sector of the company is related to aerial photogrammetry (with the use of aircrafts and drones) covering the production of accurate DTM, DSM, basemaps, elevation models and provision of orthophotography maps of pixel size RGBNIR. A representative project of this sector is LSO25 for the “National Cadastre & Mapping Agency ; which is covering ,5 km2 with RAW fresh imagery cloud free, pixel size RGBNIR stereopairs of urban, suburban, agriculture and mountainous areas and the production of all related products ex. DTM’s orthomaps etc.


Last but not least, CONSORTIS is involved in the field of GIS applications’ development. The department of Geoinformatics undertakes the particular development of various GIS applications, Geographic Databases, Web GIS Applications, Fleet Management Applications and specific information technology applications for the needs of both the customers and the company. The company has established close collaboration with a team of experts from Greece and Switzerland for Ensuring Technical Expertise and state of the art projects implementation.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Gestion des déchets
 Développement durable
 Protection environnementale
 Gestion des ressources en eau
 Tourisme durable
 Transport durable
 Internet des objets (IoT)

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