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: 15 févr. 2018

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Compassion Ambassadors Foundation is a non governmental organization in Ghana. The organization is duly registered with Ghana registrar of Company. Our headquarters is located in the capital- ;We are humanitarian based organization.

These are our main activities:

We offer people with disability the capacity building, and offer hope to children with disability.

 To work for uplifting the status of disabled in the society. To work against discrimation and to fight against the victimization of people with disability by anybody in the society and the rights of the disabled or any other related issues.

 To propagate the need for tree plantation / pollution control and environmental awareness.

 To establish library and reading rooms in needy communities.

To create Training/education centre and health centre

 To publish newspaper, magazine, journals and to reproduce works of arts, literature, science, crafts and other allied works/collections of works of arts for instruction and imparting useful knowledge.

To provide help/shelter/facilities for old people, children and disabled persons for their welfare.


Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Personnes defavorisées
 Protection environnementale
 Aide humanitaire
 Éducation et formation

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