Claire Malika Zerhouni

: 30 mai 2016

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Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of applying for a European Grant? Not sure where to begin? Don't worry, I've got your back. I help non-profits, SMEs and Start-Ups from the Creative, Media and Education Sectors write EU grant applications.

I'm Claire Malika, a French freelance proposal and grant writer with a passion for transforming innovative ideas into successful projects. I've had the privilege of crafting compelling grant proposals for various programs under : Erasmus+: KA210, KA220, Teachers' Academy, Policy Experimentation; Creative Europe: European Cooperation Projects and Media Strand.

My Expertise :

✅ Erasmus+ Expertise: I have a robust track record in drafting grant proposals for Erasmus+ including the prestigious KA210, KA220, Policy Experimentation and Teachers Academy programs. My in-depth understanding of these schemes empowers me to articulate your project's vision with clarity and precision, maximizing your chances of securing funding.

✅ Creative Europe Expertise: I've not only written impactful grant proposals for Creative Europe's European Cooperation Projects but have also actively participated in the evaluation process. This dual perspective gives me a unique insight into what evaluators look for, ensuring your proposal stands out from the competition.

Some of the exciting themes I've covered include:


- Upskilling initiatives for mothers and support them going back to work;

- Upskilling School teachers working in multicultural and complex environments ensuring a transformative impact on these crucial pillars of society.

- Pioneering projects in sustainable fashion, circular economy, neurodiversity, waste management, digital health literacy, and coding courses designed specifically for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Creative Economy

- Developing Evaluation matrix for Creative and Cultural Managers and Entrepreneurs;

- Training in Circular Economy for Creative Entrepreneurs;

- Mobility grants for Artists, Participation in professional exchanges, creation of platforms;

- Creation of international Festivals, Artistic events, Artistic Residencies.

Media - Creation of native podcasts.

I wrote successful EU Proposals such as Destine, Entrep Fashion, and ND at Work. These projects not only secured funding but also went on to make a tangible impact in their respective fields.

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 Europe créative

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