Center For Qualitative Education

: 9 janv. 2020

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The center “For Qualitative Education” is an NGO which operates in the education field. The headquarters is located in Tirana, but also operates in other cities of Albania as Kamza, Korça, Elbasan and Kukës.

Center “For Qualitative Education” has as its main goal the improvement of pre-higher and higher education system in all of its aspect, in particular by enhancing democracy in the administration of this sector. The center seeks to improve the quality of education,it makes efforts in order to achieve a better education system; helps vulnerable and marginalized groups to get access to school; it commits to change policies and some specific element of legislation in order to ameliorate the education policy development processes and active participation through continuous proposals for the increasmentof budget amount for education; democratization of the governance and decision-making in this sector through the involvement of all actors of interest is accomplished through initiatives of advocacy, by undertaking various activities for this purpose, organization of awareness campaigns,but above all by encouraging a substantial, direct and active participation of the interest groups in pursuing the best solutions for the common causes.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Renforcement des compétences
 Affaires sociales et inclusion
 Développement et coopération
 Éducation et formation
 Enseignement supérieur
 Mobilité des jeunes
 Culture et développement
 Coopération transfrontalière
 Stratégies macrorégionales de l'UE

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