: 16 mai 2017

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Brie'Nov is a tripartite “bet” underpinning several projects :

vHigh-speed digital networks as a vector for overall development.

vHigh-speed digital networks as a vector for opening up backwaters.

vHigh-speed digital networks as a vector for social reintegration

B’N is an ecosystem of territorial and social innovation, both civic and digital. It is a melting pot that brings together various stakeholders (central place of the user). The living lab label encourages research, development and collaboration. The challenge of digital as an opportunity for opening up and re-socializing!

Brie'Nov is made up of entrepreneurs, local politicians, non-profit organizations, researchers, teachers and local residents.

From the start Brie'Nov has had the help and backing of the Ile de France region and the département (county) of Seine et Marne.

Since 2014 other partners have joined us : Revesdiab, Union Nationale des Couveuses, Association des Maires Ruraux de France et du 77, SNCF Développement, la maison de l’emploi et de la formation de Sénart, the Living Lab « ActivAgeing » member of the Living Labs and autonomy group present at the FNMF congress 2015)

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Innovation sociale
 Soins de santé
 Éducation et formation
 Europe créative
 Europe pour les citoyens

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