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: 10 mars 2016

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Ege University Science and Technology Centre (EBILTEM-TTO) is a regional and national expertise organization on innovation management, R&D, technology transfer and triple helix cooperation. The Centre is located in Izmir, Turkey and is within the organizational structure of Ege University which is a 60-year old State University. Since its establishment in 1994, EBILTEM has been playing a pivotal role in increasing the innovation capacity in the Aegean region and in building bridges between the academia and industry. It does so by, amongst others, advising various key stakeholders on how to stimulate and increase the innovation and R&D level of the industry, adopting international developments to the local situations, advising the SMEs on issues such as research, IPR, innovation management, national and international funds, new investments and strengthening the ties between universities and businesses. As a result of these efforts, EBILTEM has become a regionally and nationally renowned prestigious center and has been accepted as a unique model for Academia & Business interface organization in Turkey.

Since 2004, EBILTEM-TTO has coordinated or participated in a total of 18 EU Framework projects attracting a total of 5 Million Euros for the development of the innovation capacities of regional industries thereby improving their competitiveness in internal and global markets. Consequently, it has been a member of several international networks, such as Innovation Relay Centers (IRC), Ideal-Ist Network, EuroAxess, Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), European Patent Office - EPO), European Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk - IPR Helpdesk, European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities - (ESMU, European Intellectual Property Teachers' Network - EIPTN, Patent Information Centers - PATLIB, The Competitiveness Institute - TCI Network and European Knowledge Transfer Society (EUKTS). EBILTEM-TTO cooperated with international consortia in six EU projects within the FP7 and the Competitiveness and Innovation Program (CIP), Leonardo and EuropAid, HORIZON 2020, COSME respectively.

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 Entreprises et industrie
 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Transfert de technologie
 Coopération internationale
 Innovation & Recherche
 Gestion de projet

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