Bakhtiyar Saidovich Rakhimov

: 19 déc. 2018

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Nowadays I am teacher and head of department at the Urgench branch of Tashkent Medical Academy. My scientific direction about "Methods and models of processing of digital signals". I teach methods for parallel computation, processing of digital images, computer networks, mathematical and logical foundations of digital systems subjects. I have interest to the developing education systems in Europe. My general aim of attending Target II program is that I want to develop my researching work. I think this program helps to me to improve knowledge of mine in this direction. After having finished this course, I will share my gained experiences and achievements with the people of my home University. I did an extensive research and wrote my PhD dissertation. To deepen my knowledge in modern technologies and strengthen my research potential, I am writing my doctoral dissertation. Attending on Erasmus Mundus scholarship program gives me good chance such as: learn  language and culture, making up programs, developing new projects, solve educational problems and bring up here modern pedagogical technologies from European universities, as well as improve personality and character, which will guarantee a more splendid future in my life and career. Moreover, This is the best way for me to learn modern technologies in a developed countries of Europe. Of course, after returning home, I shall share gained knowledge and experience and put my hands on to develop new projects, which will certainly benefit my home country.

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