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Bakhtiyar Saidovich Rakhimov



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Project Proposal

Development of high - speed algorithmic and processor means for the spectral analysis of radiating signals on the basis of piecewise-polynomial Walsh bases.



The problem of increase of productivity of the computer is one of the central problems of development of computer aids. Search of decisions of this problem goes in a direction of development of principles of parallel and conveyor processing of the information, including, constructions of structures specialized processors. The most perspective mathematical methods of increase of productivity of specialized processors of processing of signals concern such which would allow to use only linear arithmetic and logic operations. From this point of view most full satisfy the mathematical methods based on decomposition on systems of basic functions by Walsh. Presence of fast algorithms of calculation of spectral factors and realization of return transformations, sufficient convergence for technical appendices, possibility of reception of basic systems derivative of them by additional transformation, the prostate of an estimation of complexity of the scheme and its speed formed a basis for wide application of basis of Walsh in problems of digital processing of signals. The expediency of application of algorithms of fast transformations of Walsh is caused first of all by a technical realizability, wide enough class approximated specialized processors under the set external characteristics.



  1. Related Works and its Problems

The signals are arriving from gauges of various devices in a type of data about a condition and measurement of temperature, radiating, and electromagnetic, gravitational, thermal and other physical fields often are multidimensional and difficult.

Problems of working out of algorithms for the express train of the analysis and the data processing, received with objects are actual, especially during ecological accidents. In the project these problems are solved.

Requirements of high efficiency of the computing systems applied in these areas can be satisfied as at the expense of development of new methods and algorithms of digital signal processing (DSP), and by means of multiprocessing means of in parallel-conveyor calculations [5,7]. The specialized computer [8] for performance of inverse Haar’s transformation [10] of is known. The development purpose is device simplification. However, it possesses such lacks, as rather low speed, the limited functionality. In [9] the device is developed for orthogonal transformation of digital signals on Haar’s [13, 14] functions. Lacks are also rather low speed, low accuracy of transformation.

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