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: 26 juin 2016

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PROJUVEN means proyecto juvenil (youth project). It stands for something dynamic. For our staff of professionals it means being social entrepreneurs and keeping the passion for social purposes, in a modern concept of NGO. We are organization, which creates opportunities for young people who would like to be an active, try and learn something new and gain new experience and knowledge for personal and professional development. We want to enrich the educational, social and cultural life of young people living in our country, mainly young people with fewer ; We believe that young people must become a driving force in building the society in which they live and therefore we create various opportunities in order to help shape a generation that is determined to change our country/and world for the better.

PROJUVEN promotes:

-Intercultural Dialogue;

-Social inclusion through Sport Values (in particular we are very careful about people with disability);

-Environmental protection and Green Skills as new job opportunities for young European citizens.

We promote the art and all other cultural enrichments and we are active in valorize our area in Spain where we promote a lot of initiatives and cooperate with many other associations and public institutions as municipalities.

Summing up, our main goals are:

-Individual development of each member;

-Acquiring new skills and abilities;

-Promote social inclusion using Sport, Nature and Art;

-Create link with European Youth Associations;

-Develop youth movement all over Europe;

-Increase knowledge using non formal education.

General objectives:

-Promote young mobility, intercultural exchange, volunteer and social cooperation among youngsters;

-Promote Youth Employment;

-Promote Youth Entrepreneurship;

-Stimulate the exchange of ideas and experience, mutual understanding, and equal rights and opportunities among young people in Europe and in the Euromed countries;

-Promote intercultural understanding, equal opportunities, respect, active citizenship and solidarity;

-Fight discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance;

-Promote respect for the nature (ecofriendly attitude) and develop new job opportunities;

-Involve young people with less opportunities.


-In the field of non-formal and in-formal education, informing and communication (youth exchanges, training course, study sessions);


-Activities for youth: volunteer projects in local communities, sportive activities as a healthy lifestyle, sport as a tool for inclusion, eco projects of free expression for young ;

We are very active in the field of youth and adult education as holders but also as partners of different kind of projects in our country. The key for us is to work on both local and international projects and we try to cover broad scale of themes and topics according to what our target group finds interesting. We focus mainly on youth participation, intercultural understanding, active citizenship, entrepreneurship, sport, healthy life style, peacebuilding, but also art and culture.

The activities of the organisation are based on the approaches of non-formal education, experiential and intercultural learning, social inclusion and active participation. Our activities include but are not limited to: educational projects (youth exchanges, trainings, seminars), networking and cooperation, awareness raising and policy development, capacity building, coaching of initiatives, organisational and individual coaching; mobility.


Regular activities of PROJUVEN are:


-connected to risky behaviour prevention and skill development of youth educational activities based on non-formal education tools.

-research, lobbying, and systemic change activities connected with focus group.

-skill development and growth of awareness of professionals working with lower chance youth.

-building national and international network of professionals working with lower chance youth.

-organization of conferences, meetings and debates on legal issues that gathers young professionals, experts and youth from several institutions.


In PROJUVEN, we are developing a very interesting project based on non-formal education method, called the "Modern Teacher" (#!modern-teacher-project/r7cc9). PROJUVEN wants to transform how the education system develops aspiring teachers and to provide passionate young people with hands-on teaching experience, sustain their interest in the profession, and help them cultivate the skills they need to be successful educators.

Another important field of action is the promotion of the EU Citizenship and solidarity among youngsters and Institutions. The Association supports local authorities, public and private non-profit organizations and citizens, with particular reference to young people and disadvantaged groups.

PROJUVEN fosters the dissemination of information about the initiatives and opportunities promoted by the European Union in different fields, through both internet and social networks, and organizing specific public events.


PROJUVEN is member of Anna Lindh foundation network ()


Our team consists of several youth workers and young people with various profiles. We are experienced in preparing/ organizing and training different kind of projects and ; We have also broad experience with coordinating of projects, communication between partners, selection of participants, and preparation of participants for taking part in the projects, travel arrangements, assisting in logistic support and carrying out visibility and dissemination activities.

The executive staff who will (help) implement the activities in practice is well trained in different topics such as: leadership empowerment, personal development, training and education, conflict management, organizational management. Other skills of the project team members:

-Managerial and organizational skills

-Group managing skills

-Materials, tools, products and software

-Cognitive skills and problem solving abilities

-Social and communication skills and competences

-Computer skills and competences

-Foreign language skills

-Artistic skills and competences

-Business skills

Francesco Ruberto is the President of PROJUVEN and researcher at University of Malaga. He is highly skilled economist and researcher involved in the NGO sector since 2012. He is excellent communicator and professional youth worker; as well he poses an extensive experience abroad. Francesco poses a PhD degree at the Department of Business Research at University of Pavia () with a Master in International Management at University of Trento with several publication in international journals. His interests are on immigration, youth entrepreneurship, local and regional development, policy implementation and the structure of international and supranational organizations. He has worked at NGOs working for immigrants through social activities and trainings. He participated into training course on the rights of people with disability. He is a contact person for international projects.

Salvatore Stigliano is KA1 & KA3 Designer and PROJUVEN Event Manager. He obtained an high school diploma in Business and Programming and also he achieved a bachelor degree in Linguistic and Intercultural Communication at University of Bari (Italy), focused on Spanish, Polish and Portuguese languages and cultures. He holds several years of experience in ICT sector. He has expertise in dynamic web programming, software development, database management and programming languages, SCORM content for e-learning platform. In addition to this, he is passionate about 2D and 3D Computer Graphics. He has been involved in numerous research projects and development in the ICT software tools. He is interested in ICT, social and multicultural projects, always aiming to facilitate the integration between people with different cultural backgrounds.

Belal Albashiti is PROJUVEN consultancy specialist for Middle-East. He is an academic lecturer in the faculty of economics and administrative science at Al-azher University, Gaza. Belal is business consultancy specialist with a broad range of management and presentation skills, along with a strong international experience in corporate social responsibility and business environment analysis and NGOs activities. Belal poses a PhD degree at the Department of Business Research at University of Pavia. His main specialization is strategic management.

Person of contact:

President Asociación PROJUVEN: Francesco Ruberto


Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Culture et développement
 Coopération transnationale

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