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: 29 mars 2017

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AGENCIA ANDALUZA DE INSTITUCIONES CULTURALES - AAIICC (Agency of Cultural Institutiones of Andalusia) is a public entity, attached to the Council of Education, Culture and Sport of the Andalusian Government, established in 1991 for the implementation of cultural policies. Its main objectives includes: research, management, production, promotion, training and dissemination of theatre and performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts, books and reading, audiovisual as well as the development, commercialization and implementation of cultural activities in public libraries, archives, museums and archaeological sites.

It currently has a staff of some 450 employees.

AAIICC’s main competences are organizing and distributing scenic arts and music productions, films and recordings, managing of cultural facilities, books and reading promotion, editorial productions and dissemination of historical heritage and visual arts.

As a consequence of its specific goals and characteristics, it has an extensive experience in managing activities related to the preservation and dissemination of the material and immaterial cultural heritage, fostering the use of new technologies in this area. The field of action of these activities goes beyond the regional level; many of them have been internationally organized in collaboration with other European organizations.

Within the specific field of Cultural Heritage, the AAIICC is in charge of the management of museums and archaeological sites, works to guarantee its preservation and protection, to encourage experts’ study and research and to foster citizens’ visits and the collective enjoyment of this heritage.

AAIICC has long experience managing European and international projects in the field of culture. In the European side it has managed transnational cooperation projects with a special focus in the Mediterranean, as INTERREG, POCTEFEX, EUROMED-AUDIOVISUAL, and it’s currently coordinating a CREATIVE EUROPE cooperation project. The Agency counts with its own European Funds department that can assure the relations within the consortium and with the European Commission Services and it hosts a Creative Europe MEDIA Desk co-financed by European Commission and Cultural Contact Point for Creative Europe in Andalusia.

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