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: 21 sept. 2022

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The media business has reached the ceiling and lacks opportunities to engage and retain the audience with existing approaches.

1World Swiss takes responsibility to help publishers with the problem. Our service provides an all-in-one approach that helps to close publishers’ needs.

Our tools help close different fronts on the problem related to keeping users’ attention.

Tools related to engagement help to focus on the content provided by 1World Swiss. This improvement affects the ads view and dwells time metrics that have a big importance for the publisher.

Analytics and Feedback tools help with aggregating and analyzing the information collected during the users’ engagement. These tools provide additional data for the end user (related to the first point) and give insights to the publisher that launches the application.

Advertisement support allows us to close the best deals with our publishers and provides our advertisers the most applicable placements and audience.

In addition, the 1World Swiss platform works with the publishers’ end users. The loyalty program is the tool that unites the 1World Online tools together in one consistent concept. Users’ attention and utility should be rewarded and 1World Online promotes this idea. Users can earn special points for their activities on the websites and redeem earned points later.

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 Économie numérique

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