Using smartphone for self-management in healthcare of the elderly in a remote area in Viet Nam

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Hanh Tran Thi

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NCDs and their risk factors are emerging problems in Vietnam, which need both disease-specific and sensitive strategies in health and related sectors.

Self-management support interventions can reduce health service utilization without compromising patient health outcomes, although effects were generally small, and the evidence was strongest in respiratory and cardiovascular disorders. Further work is needed to determine which components of self-management support are most ;

For both clinical and economic reasons, the increasing number of persons living with chronic conditions represents a public health issue of growing importance. Emphasizing patient responsibility, and acting in concert with the provider community, self-management represents a promising strategy for treating chronic conditions—moving beyond education to teaching individuals to actively identify challenges and solve problems associated with their illness. Self-management also shows potential as an effective paradigm across the prevention spectrum (primary, secondary, and tertiary) by establishing a pattern for health early in life and providing strategies for mitigating illness and managing it in later life. We suggest ways to advance research methods and practical applications of self-management as steps in its future development and implementation.

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