Town networks for an international movie contest-festival on Europe's future

il y a 5 ans

Šiauliai County Povilas Višinskis Library

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Šiauliai County Povilas Višinskis Public Library is currently writing a proposal for a project for the Europe for citizens, Strand 2: Democratic engagaemnet and civic participation, Network of Towns action. We are currently looking for partners, 4-5 in total from ;

The general idea of the project revolves around providing a creative platform for European citizens to express their opinions about the future of Europe, counter or along the lines of Euroscepticism, also exploring the EU citizenship identity. The main methods of work will be an international short, amateur movie contest in all partner cities followed by a European film festival with mobility events in 4 cities where participants will also partake in discussions and workshops on respective topics.

Please messagem us here or via E-mail:


 Film et média
 Europe pour les citoyens

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