Silent Migration from the East to the West: Integration from the Civic Society Perspective

il y a 7 ans

Europe’s full attention is turned to a new wave of refugees from Syria. However, there is another migration, which crosses the EU border every year by significant amounts. Majority of immigrants to Lithuania, Poland and Estonia come from Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus, their eastern neighbours, whereas Romania has the prevailing migration from Moldova. This could be referred as silent migration while the full attention goes to refugees from Syria, fuelling various public opinions. Moreover, gaps in national integration policies lead to local economic and social problems, which eventually negatively affect the strength and solidarity of Europe Union. Since many differences can be found between economic / political refugees (Syrians) and immigrants by choice [Office1] (for instance, Russians), local immigration issues should not be left behind. Hence, it is important to address current migration from the East to the West in order to be able to tackle another prominent and growing immigration flow from Africa properly.

The goal of this project is to foster tolerance, raise awareness and encourage inter-cultural dialogue by understanding the root causes of hostility towards immigrants and communicating citizens’ opinion on main problems of integration to the policy decision-makers[Office2] .

The project tries to achieve four objectives:

  • Collecting citizens’ opinion on silent migration and identifying how local residents define and understand the meaning of a citizen and an immigrant.
  • Initiating inter-disciplinary debates by providing a space for a discussion and exchange of the opinions between scholars, politicians, NVO representatives, businessmen, youth and other citizens.
  • Implementing an interactive educational programme in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania in this way raising awareness as well as fostering tolerance and consciousness towards immigrants.
  • Making a ‘soft’ influence on the migration policy, by creating and sharing recommendations (insights) that reflect citizens’ opinion about integration problems with policy decision-makers.

Project will integrate an innovative theatrical method Survey Theater, gamification elements and will take an inter-disciplinary approach towards global problems that have strong and yet sometimes different consequences at a local level.


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