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As a strategic objective, the project would aim to help SMEs address clean production challenges and consequently maintain sustainability, innovation and competitiveness. By promoting the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and related Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), production processes could be upgraded to more energy and material efficiency. 

To achieve this, the project would aim to create an open innovation ecosystem with a single accessible platform for cross-border innovation services for SME manufacturing through the network of KETs Technology Centres (KET TC) and BSOs. This could be achieved by facilitating the integration of SMEs with TC KETs through joint proposals for micro grants (lump sum). 

After a pilot phase with a number of such joint project proposals, the network could be expanded by adding more KETs of TCs and BSOs. The ultimate objective would be to create a self-sustainable ecosystem that gathers technological infrastructure, SME users and suppliers of innovative advanced manufacturing technologies: one-stop shop, which acts as a single access point for SMEs manufacturing across Europe.

 Transfert de technologie
 Efficacité énergétique
 Green Deal

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