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I have faced in my work as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt the following question often: How can I get better data about the process, so that I can improve it and achieve better performance?  

Now I have seen the light. We will have in future thanks to IoT
- cloud based analytics platform
- sensors in manufacturing and distribution facilities
- data from key process steps in real time
- dashboard and real-time view to end-to-end process performance

IoT will be every Lean Six Sigma Black Belt's best friend and DMAIC - process will be then like an enjoyment.

My other mission besides continuous improvement is to add value into EU-projects like Horizon2020. If you are planning to make a proposal to EU-commission which will contain IoT solutions, please consider if the project idea and the scope could benefit from theme of continuous improvement and utilization of collected data. I would be happy to share my knowledge with you.

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