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CE-NMBP-25-2019: Photocatalytic synthesis (RIA)
National Institute of Chemistry offers design and optimisation of solar photoreactors including modelling phase. Coupling various heterogeneous catalytic processes. Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering has experience in photocatalytic reactor design, multi-scale process modelling and engineering, especially with regard to photocatalytic water splitting, CO2 reduction and the selective oxidation reactions to (speciality) chemicals. We can also aid scale-up. We will soon to start 7th H2020 project.
While we also design catalysts ourselves, we prefer to be involved in the field of chemical reactor engineering, overall process optimisation, as well as the modelling at various operation scales (atom to plant) – in-house catalysis expertise is a benefit though.
Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering is primarily invested in chemical (process) engineering, reactor and unit operation design and construction, as well as multi-scale process modelling. The Department topics foremost include carbon dioxide and natural gas conversion, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, biomass valorisation to bio-based compounds, and (bio)pharmaceutical processes.

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