Integrate outdoor education to pre-primary and primary education

il y a 3 ans

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E+ KA201 - School Education project

What are we looking for?

1) organizations that work with forest schools, schools of nature, beach schools or other types of schools that operate mainly outdoors (pre-school and primary education);

2) organizations that work for the promotion of education in natural settings/outdoor education

3) organizations using the outdoors/forest pedagogy in their activities.

The project aims to integrate outdoor education to pre-primary and primary education by embracing the philosophy and principles of outdoors ;

The project will help children develop key competencies such as critical thinking, collaboration, decision-making, problem-solving, creative thinking as well as elements such as empathy, compassion, self-respect and respect towards nature by using natural ;

The project will train teachers working in pre-school and primary education (children between the ages of 5-9) on the principles of outdoors education who will then transfer the experience back to their ;

Looking forward to establish fruitful collaborations! 

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