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Bullying which has been the most significant problem of all societies has a widespread impact on school climate and it has been around in different can threaten students' physical and emotional safety at school and can negatively impact their ability to order to stopbullying and create a peaceful atmosphere at our school we have started have applied questionaires to all our students in order to see if bullying is school counselor arranges seminars to school staff,students,an we believe that stopping bullying at school takes team are planning a values training programfor the students between the ages of would like to share activities and experiences with aim is to raise awareness around bullying and how deeply it affects can also develop a KA1 Project about bullying and it's effects .We are looking for partner #39;S WORK TOGETHER TO PREVENT AND REDUCE BULLYING! We are looking for partners who are willing to cooporate with us in taking precautions against bullying,creating permanent solutions , spreading out and providing sustainability for the project you with us to have qualified schools and happy children?

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