Evaluation of toxic properties of nanomaterials

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National Institute of Chemistry is able to build a system for evaluation of toxic properties of nanomaterials, which inludes in vitro data and physico-chemical properties of nanomaterials. We performe chemometrical analysis of proteomics data obtained in in vitro measurements of different cells types treated with different nanomaterials (multi-walled carbon nanotubes, TiO2 nanobelts and nano-silver). Proteomics are recorded from cells treated under different conditions (doses and time of exposure). Applying different chemometrical tools we identified proteins, which are highly disturbed under specific conditions regarding the nanoparticle type or the time of exposure. This information can be used to identify adverse biological pathways, or together with phsico-chemical propertis as descriptors in nano-QSAR models.

CALL: NMBP-15-2019: Safe by design, from science to regulation: metrics and main sectors (RIA)

 Nanotechnologie et nanosciences

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