Erasmus KA2 Youth // A challenge for Youth's eating habits

il y a 3 ans

REZOS BRANDS is seeking Lead Partner for an ERASMUS KA2 Youth project proposal.

The project is aiming to establish a new attitude regarding the current nutrition habits of most young people and enhance the consuming of super-food products as a snack. The adoption of a balanced and healthy lifestyle requires awareness, knowledge and the motivation which youth. After motivation comes the empowerment, as a new philosophy can be created. This project is aiming to show the significant value of a healthy snacks, by motivating students of the culinary studies to adopt this trend and furthermore motivate more young people to have this healthy lifestyle.

If you want to undertake the coordination of the proposal, please contact us, not later than the 6th of January.

 Sécurité alimentaire
 Soins de santé

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