Dimethyl Ether, a sustainable replacement of diesel and LPG from waste

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Dr.Yogesh Joshi



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DME Technology from Waste (Crop, Animal, Forest, MSW)

We have developed technology for synthesis of Di-methyl Ether (DME) from Waste with financial assistance from Indian Oil Corporation Limited. It is a gasification based technology where syngas is produced from waste feedstock. Syngas is then converted to DME in a single step using our own developed catalyst. The gasifier for gasification, DME catalyst used in the technology is designed and developed by Amol Carbons Private Limited. Hence our client gets everything at one place !

We have completed proof of concept (POC) in September 2020. The technology is ready to go for higher scale. The production cost of DME from waste is highly competitive. Our pilot plant is at Gogalwadi, 20kms from Pune, India. This pilot plant provides DME or DME diesel blends for any R & D use.

Possible Immediate Application

1. DME if used in blend with diesel upto 20% no drastic change in diesel engine is required.We have demonstrated functioning of concrete mixer using DME (15%) -Diesel (85%) blend. DME also have properties similar to LPG. Hence it can also be blended with LPG and used as residential cooking fuel. We have demonstrated functioning of gas burner using DME(18%) - LPG (82%) blend. Youtube links for the demonstration video can be made available on request.

We are searching for a

1. Business partners in Europe to sell our technology

2. Funding from EU to scale up our technology


If you need any informaiton please feel free to contact me at

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