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Unveiling the Hidden Brutalist Cultural Heritage in the Danube Region
The 607080 Danube Brutalist Platform aims to explore, document, and promote the hidden Brutalist cultural heritage along the Danube River (remote, rural places along the Danube river). Through innovative strategies and the establishment of a Cultural BrutMap Platform, this project seeks to make the invisible visible by engaging in artistic and technological pilot projects. The primary goal is to contribute to narrating brutalist places and local events of 60-70-80s in a contemporary and innovative manner involving local communities.
Main objectives/activities:
1. Innovative Platform for Cultural Brutalist Route
Develop a comprehensive platform for brutalist cultural route along the Danube,
emphasizing the exploration and preservation of Brutalist heritage in liaison with the local
communities engaged as local narrators.
Establish a network of stakeholders to collaborate on the implementation of the platform
Identify and leverage existing resources, both cultural and technological, to enhance the
cultural route experience.
2. Discovery of Hidden Brutalist Heritage
Conduct thorough research and fieldwork to identify hidden Brutalist structures along the
Danube River.
Develop artistic and tech pilot projects to showcase and document these hidden gems.
Engage local communities in the discovery process, fostering a sense of pride and ownership
in their cultural heritage.
3. Contemporary Narration of Historic Places and Events
Utilize innovative storytelling techniques, combining traditional and digital media, to narrate
places and events.
Foster collaborations with artists, historians, and technologists to create immersive
experiences for visitors – digi story maps.
Ensure the narratives are accessible to diverse audiences, including locals, tourists, and

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