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Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Model wind tunnel testing in Europe (BLAME)
Date du début: 16 déc. 2013, Date de fin: 15 juin 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Natural laminar flow wings will be flight tested, within a project called BLADE. A new outer laminarwing will be fitted on the legacy A340-300 wing.A large scale, low speed wind tunnel test in the DNW-LLF (Large Low speed Facility) is offered aiming at generating high quality data allowing flight clearance for the BLADE Flight Test Demonstrator providing know how for performing representative test for future laminar wings.Wind tunnel results will complement results from CFD, especially in ground effect and stall conditions Furthermore testing will allow assessment of basic longitudinal & lateral handling qualities characteristics of the large scale wind tunnel model.The DNW test environment for the wind tunnel model supplied by Airbus features:• A test section size (8 m width and 6 m height), perfectly fitted to the subject wind tunnel model to limit model buoyancy and wall effects• Dorsal sting set-up• Wind speed range (0 – 100 m/s, corresponding to appr. 0.3 Mach number and a Reynolds number of upto 3*106)• Excellent flow quality (very low turbulence level, below 0.1%, which is critical for laminar flow testing)• Innovative ground effect simulation (by means of a moving belt system, capable of running at 80 m/s)• High end data acquisition systems capable of acquiring (un)steady sensor data from model load balances (forces), pressure tabs, Kulites etc.• Flexible data processing systems to convert the acquired data conform Airbus TARDIS (Transnational Aerodynamic Results Data Information System) specification for further analysis purposes.• And last but not least excellent staff, with 35 years of experience in industrial wind tunnel testing as part of aircraft development programs."