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Academia Conexão: 2º Encontro Nacional de Juventude Lusófona

Date du début: 2 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 1 janv. 2017,

The mission of Conexão Lusófona starts from identify and capacity building the future leaders of the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community and encourage concerted actions of political advocacy spearheaded by the Portuguese-speaking youth. Furthermore, the association has promoted a number of initiatives that aim to reach this purpose such as university debates and various conferences. The great ...
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COMPASS- Lusofonia Europeia

Date du début: 2 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 1 juil. 2016,

The world scenario opens more space for joint action of Portuguese speaking countries towards globally assert their cultural values. With its current 244 million speakers, mostly youngsters, and population growth rates that evolve according to the UN, in the order of 44% by 2050, in the near future will represent about 4% of world population. The civil society movements around the Lusophone and C...
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Geração 3.0 - Encontro Nacional de Juventude

Date du début: 4 août 2015, Date de fin: 3 avr. 2016,

2015 is a year full of meaningful events: national legislative elections are going to take place; for 30 years now, Portugal joined the EU; CNJ celebrates 30 years of activity and for 30 years now, too, International Year of Youth was marked for the 1st time (ONU, 1985). In this context, CNJ wishes to organize a National Youth Meeting (NYM), called Generation 3.0, which aims to be a significant an...
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