Yury Zhukavets

: 30 nov. 2018

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Our team:

 VICTOR  BONDARCHUK ( Agronomist, technician)

YURY  ZHUKAVETS (Manager-economist, power Engineer, engineer on labor protection)

ALINA ZHUKAVETS – (Commodity researcher )


To implement the project, financial support in the amount of  $ 106 000

•Our farm will be engaged in the cultivation of raspberries, which is currently very important for our region and the whole Belarus and Russia and abroad.

•We have already had experience in the cultivation of raspberries, an area of 20 ar, minitractor (tillers) with attachments, storage room.


•Employment for young people, unemployed women, people with mental disabilities.

•Improvement of social welfare and social status.

•Elimination of diseases associated with colds, issues with the stomach, intestines, kidneys and many others.

•Enhancement of the agricultural field and the economic situation.


•Cultivation and selling of healthy and natural products. Regular access to good quality berries to maintain an active, healthy, productive lifestyle.

•Increase employment opportunities for young people, non-working women, people with mental disabilities. It increases the social well-being of people and their social status.

•In conclusion, during the first year the project will be profitable, and full payback is achieved during the second year.

•During the 3rd year of implementation, the profitability of berries will be about 60%, the money will be used for further expansion


Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Sécurité alimentaire
 Développement rural
 Jeunes agriculteurs
 Agriculture sociale
 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Innovation sociale
 Biotechnologie agricole

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