Vanush Davtyan, Armenian Technological Academy

: 7 avr. 2016

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I am president of Armenian Technological Academy. We have many projects:

1. On the territory of the former center of Heruni in Orgov, the creation of a summer student technopark. The idea.
2. Thermal Power Station save 20% is an note with calculations for water consumption. Hydro-Hydrogen Power
3. Cold fusion reactor. Two types of working reactors were tested. Summarizing this experience, a theory of this process was proposed. Published in number 2 of 2015 in the NAS Reports.
4. Creating a filter for water purification with antibacterial effect. There is a the implementation stage.
5. Ceramic solar water heaters, ceramic is a prototype.
6. Restoration of small aircraft in Armenia
7. Recovery of silkworm cocoon production. Purchased Gren, spelled business plan.
8. Armor from silkworm cocoon. Samples are being prepared for testing.
9. Creation of drugs based on silkworm cocoon. The project is discussed with stakeholders.
10. Water Clinic. Implemented in Bulgaria, Russia and some other countries. There is a business plan.
11. Gardening Park Titernakaberd. Planting trees, bushes, mushroom spores. Dozens of trees and bushes, spores of several species of mushrooms have already been planted in Titernakaberd. Work continues.
12. Golden root, marin root - in 1988, plantings were carried out in the area of ​​Mount Aragats. - It is proposed to produce tonic drinks.
13. Non-alcoholic beverages. There are patents. Released trial batch. – Can start production.
14. The use of activated water in beekeeping and livestock farms and poultry farms. Proven working technology. Allows to increase by 2 times the honey and from 2-5 liters per day to increase the milk yield from each cow. At the poultry farm, a plant was tested - Industrial activator of water - the mortality of chickens was reduced by 3 times, the egg-carrying capacity was increased.
15. Project Warehouse. The project is underway. Search the stock of the desired items. The program is being written.
16. WEB design project - the site is created, it is being promoted to search for orders.
17. Tourism Development Project in Armenia. Created travel portal
18. The project - the protection of the military from blood loss when injured in an arm or leg. (The idea of Barikyan Ruben-USA). There is a description of the project.
19. The Narine project - a website was created in 3 languages, work is continuing.
20. Complex for athletes - records without doping. There is a description of the project.
21. Nanotechnologies with SOLAR HYDROGEN HOLDINGS, INC., from Los Angeles (). Obtaining composite materials at the plant Almaz, the project is implemented by SOLAR HYDROGEN HOLDINGS, INC.
22. Production of nanomaterials - A fundamentally new non-equilibrium Quantum Chemical Technology was created at “Nanoamorph Technology” CJSC (about 15 different patents, including the first Pioneer Armenian patent, and the last patent was issued on May 16, 2017).
23. Project “Activ Longivity”. There is a description of the project.
24. Project on international scientific integration of scientists of Armenia, technology transfer. website created.

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