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: 10 févr. 2016

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Synectika Research and Consulting Ltd is a professional services company that operates in the areas of ethics risk assessment, compliance, human rights and business ethics. We offer expert consultancy on ethics, privacy and fundamental rights to ensure that products, services and policies are developed to be inherently respectful of the interests, values, and expectations of all stakeholders. We have available a range of ethics consultancy plans focused on providing clear, concise, and above all actionable recommendations tailored to the specific needs and capacities of our clients. Synectika supports the development of technological solutions and innovative processes, using a proprietary methodological tool called ARMADA, a powerful three-stage process which enables the early identification and mitigation of risks concerning ethics, societal impact, fundamental rights, privacy and data protection.


Synectika actively participate in international EC-funded research projects. We leverage our expertise and combined experience of over ten years in research at international level, with significant contributions to many FP7 and H2020 projects, providing high-quality scientific research and ethics management services to support research consortia adhere to the highest ethical standards.


Areas of contribution for Synectika include:

  • Conduct scientific research on ethical, fundamental rights, privacy and data protection, and societal issues in various fields including cybersecurity, defence and public safety, crisis management and disaster response, biometrics and surveillance technologies, Internet-of-Things and smart technologies, responsible research and innovation;
  • Lead the ethical management activities within research projects;
  • Convene and manage independent ethical advisory boards;
  • Ensure appropriate channels are followed in obtaining ethical clearance or approvals from national ethics boards or data protection authorities;
  • Provide technical advice and support on ethical, fundamental rights, privacy and data protection issues arising in the scope of research projects.
  • Review funding proposals to ensure they adequately address ethical and societal issues, and follow up the proposal procedure in order to properly implement funding bodies' recommendations.


Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

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 Villes intelligentes
 Innovation & Recherche
 Open source
 Développement de projets
 Développement des affaires
 Évaluation des politiques et gouvernance

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