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: 30 mars 2020

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The OFF ART, is a non-profit dance/art company based in Larissa, Greece,
initiated in 2003. It is intended as a dialectical space, between the resident artists, fellow artists of different disciplines, and the audience. The main aim is to collaborate, meet each other and become potential initiators of ;Far from the privileged areas of the unique creator, OFF ART builds the conditions for a common dialectic ;Thus, we work hard serving the art of Dance and offer it to the public, while we connect it to other art disciplines (performing and visual arts, literature etc.), to the physical and mental health and to the overall quality of human ;Our activity focuses on creating dance and multidisciplinary performances, doing research, organize open discussions and practice/promote the Αrts Therapies, mainly Dance Movement ;

One of our strongest tools  in order to promote our goals is the Open Nights festival, a multidisciplinary festival of the arts, with international participations and social impact.

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 Éducation artistique

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