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: 29 mars 2017

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Nuoro Forestry School (DipAgr - ) is a group of researchers and university professors taking care of the extraordinary potential that forests hide, in Sardegna, as cultural reserve.

Given the limited financial value of the wood and the little amount of timber that can be produced, almost no forestry practices have taken care of in the island. As a consequence, within the next decades, if we do not reactivate sound forestry activities, a relevant part of the rural cultural heritage of Sardegna (its most valuable tresaure) will be cancelled, the landscape will loose meaning, attractivity.

The value of silviculture, as a means for "taking care of the woods", is many times greather than the finacial output that materials market can produce. In a wider economic perspective, if living in the countryside is not motivated by a lively comunity feeling, the there can be no "taking care of" the land and its forests.

Nonetheless, the finacial side can not be neglected. Income from forestry has to be complemented, but shoud not be substituted (the welfare dependency culture of the last decades has had dramatic consequences on the cultural side as well as on the comunity self-esteem).

Rural comunities, particularly where forest commons are still valued, are the hart of our interests.


Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Ressources forestières
 Ressources naturelles
 Sciences de la Terre
 Héritage culturel
 IT pour le patrimoine

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