Marine Cornelis

: 5 nov. 2019

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I am the founder of Next Energy Consumer; a policy consultancy focused on the social aspects of the energy and climate transitions at European and international levels (EU, EU Member States, Mediterranean countries, Mexico).

I aim to empower the people by paying extra attention to the most vulnerable elements of our societies (#EnergyPoverty, #JustTransition). To this aim, I provide support and policy analysis services and advise organisations to set up strategies to put the citizens back in the centre of the energy ;

My goal is to build a fairer energy and climate transition, in harmony with the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular, SDG7.

Current and past projects and clients include: European Commission, European Energy Poverty Observatory, Mexican Energy Ombudsman, MedReg, College of Europe, University of ;

Secteurs d'expertise:

 Renforcement des compétences
 Énergie intelligente
 Coopération internationale
 Fonds social européen (FSE)
 Politique européenne
 Évaluation des politiques et gouvernance
 Mobilité intelligente

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