Lina Sartinska

: 28 janv. 2016

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Scientific Interests:

  • Catalyst-free synthesis and characterization of boron nitride nansized powder materials (nanotubes, nanowires, nanorods, graphene-like structures) produced in optical furnace.
  • Special interests involve the development of nanostructured high-efficiency emission materials for solar-to-electric energy converters.
  • Investigation of the electrocatalytic activity of electrodes based on nansized powder materials (nanotubes, nanowires, nanorods) BN and BN – C
  • Formation of nanodots and change characteristics of a thin magnetic films under laser irradiation.
  • Nanosized powders produced by plasma-chemical synthesis studying and evaluation.
  • Sintering behaviour of ceramics.
  • Optimization of production methods for mechanical properties in composite electrochemical coatings based on nanosized ceramic powders.
  • Correlation between mechanical properties and microstructures.
  • Effect of grain boundary compositions on the properties of ceramics.
  • Surface modification of hot-pressed ceramics under action of induction heating.
  • Effect of phase composition of the initial nanosized powders on mechanical properties and phase composition of nitric hot pressed ceramic materials.
  • Effect of mixing process on the structure, phase composition and properties of ceramic materials.
  • Effect of annealing on the mechanical properties of hot pressed materials based on the nanosized powders of Si3N4, TiN, AlN, Al2O3, Y2O3 in different ratios.
  • Wear testing of ceramic materials
  • Synthesizing mullite from fly ash and alumina  

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