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: 5 sept. 2019

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I am writing to you in the capacity of the head of  International Relations Office of Khujand State University, Tajikistan. With this letter, I would like to express our interest in finding partners from your university/country to collaborate in the framework  projects.


First of all, I would like to give you very brief information about Khujand State University (KSU). KSU is a state Higher Education Institution. Khujand State University is the second biggest University in Tajikistan. It is 85 years old. It has made great contribution to the development of many branches of public economy specifically to education and science.

It was built in 1932 and was called High Pedagogical Institute. Since it has trained about (thousand) specialists and annually of its graduates take jobs in different branches of public economy. Today it has 16 Faculties, 78 Chairs (Departments), and students: , , 840 teachers: 58-doctors of science, 362-Candidates of Science (Kandidat Nauk) and Senior Lecturers (docents), 203 Senior Teachers and 217 teachers. It trains 73 skills for full-time students and 23 skills for part-time students. The Faculties are the following:


Languages (English and German)

Languages (Arabic, Indian, Chinese and etc.)


and Market Economy


Graphics and Technology



and Law


and Information Technology

and Engineering

(Russian and Uzbek)


and Biology

It also has:

·Five Research Centres

·Post-graduate degrees Department; Two Dissertation Councils

·Master Degree Department

·English & Russian Languages and Computer Sciences Centre

·“Palas” Experimental and Productive Area in terms of Life Sciences

·A Publishing House

·A Sport Complex with Facilities

·A Pedagogical College

The Department of Post graduate courses trains newly-recruited personnel in 22 specialties. It   provides professional training on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Philology, Pedagogy, as well as on Engineering and Economy. There are two dissertation defense councils: one on Tajik History and the other on Tajik Philology.


The Department of Post graduate course  cooperates with Dushanbe Chemistry Institute,  the  Institute of the economics at the  Ministry of Economy and Trade of Dushanbe,  Moscow State Geology Research University,  Moscow State University of Management,  the Institute of Oriental Languages of Academy of Sciences of Russian Federation,  St-Petersburg State University, Novosibirsk State Teachers` Training University, Stockholm Technological University, Switzerland,  Dubna United  Nuclear Research University of Russian Federation, and  Universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


At present, Khujand State University named after  Academician cooperates with North Carolina State University (USA), Agricultural University of Beiging (China), Moscow State  University of Statistics, Information and Economics  and statistics (Russian Federation), St-Petersburg  State University (Russian Federation),  University of Western Michigan (USA),  Kharkov National University of Radio and electronics, Osh State University (Kyrgyzstan), Gulistan State University (Uzbekistan),  Institute of Literature and Language (Uzbekistan),  Mahyor Centre of Higher Education of Iran,  the Department of Social Links of the USA Embassy in Tajikistan, Agha-Khan foundation Humanistic Program, Education Network Association.( EdNet), Delhi University (India), Jamia Milliya Islamiya (India), Humboldt University (German).


Students and teaching staff avail themselves of study schemes and are regularly awarded individual grants of leading international grants providers such as IREX, Fulbright, US Embassy, DAAD, JFDP, SOROS, ACTED, UNESCO, Cultural Centre of Iran, Ismailia Institute in London, Agha-Khan Foundation, EUROASIA, ACCELS, CARANA CORPORATION, OSCE, UNISEF, TEMPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS and many others.


Several TEMPUS  projects have been successfully implemented at the University as a member of consortium of universities in the Central Asia region and beyond it.


Khujand State University expresses its interest in ERASMUS +  and would like to participate as a partner in projects that focus the following:


  • Modernisation of curricula in academic disciplines identified as priorities by the Partner Countries, using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), the three cycle system and the recognition of degrees;
  • University management and services for students;
  • Introduction of quality assurance;
  • Development of international relations;
  • Training of non-university teachers;
  • Knowledge triangle education-research-innovation;
  • Development of lifelong learning in society at large;
  • Qualifications frameworks.
  • And also our academic and administrative staff will be happy to cooperate with any offered projects as the University covers almost all sectors and fields of the society and labor market needs and ;

We would be grateful if you would forward this letter to universities that would be interested in such joint projects. Alternatively, you could send us the necessary contact information so we could initiate communication with interested parties.

contact info:

+992 92 780 19 28



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