Ioannis Tsagkatakis

: 11 déc. 2020

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I am Ioannis Tsagkatakis, Chemist PhD. I am working on the revival of the Cretan diet of '60s. Nowadays though it is better to discuss for the Mediterranean diet of Crete since the term Mediterranean diet is very general. I am also writer of four books (in Greek) about nutrition and weight loss, fasting (translation in progress) and Orthodox spiritual life as a part of the Cretan diet. As a freelance worker (for the momment) I have many ideas for the construction of relative projects. There is in progress a cooperation with the Hellenic Mediterranean Universty (ELMEPA). I am also interested in calls relative to agri-food, health and nutrition combined with Chemistry.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Sécurité alimentaire
 Apprentissage des adultes
 Apprentissage tout au long de la vie
 Héritage culturel
 Rédaction d'article

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