: 27 mars 2018

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Infora is a young SME, composed of researchers with academic background and ICT experts. Their skills are about

- Software development based on popular programming languages: Java, Python, C, C++, Javascript, PHP;

- Development of cross-platform games with Unity (C#)

- Custom web development: JavaEE, Python (Pyramid/Pylons, Django), PHP/Zend, other MVC frameworks;

- Realization of Apps for Android / iOS;

- Creation of web based ERP-CRM systems with Open Erp / Odoo platform;

- Web development with CMS: Drupal, Japs, Wordpress;

- Agent software architecture;

- Data mining: automatic information retrieval from documents and web, statistical analysis, learning and displaying data;

- Contextual advertising: user profiling and display of customised advertisements;

- Biometrics: face recognition, fingerprints, custom integrated systems for identification and security;

- Digital video surveillance and radio frequency (RFID) systems;

- Bioinformatics: storage and analysis of nucleotide and protein data, prediction of protein structures and algorithms of alignment.

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 Applications informatiques

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