: 9 août 2016

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"Compagnia Elefanti" is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 2009 with the aim to practise, to promote and to diffuse the theatre's and circus' culture and art . The association runs in one of the most disadvantaged and non miserable italian city ,Naples, where during the last years, throughout festivals, free exhibitions in street and professional trainings, most of all for the part of youth with less opportunities, has tried first of all to sensibilise these areas culturally and therefore to valorize and upgrade them, involving such kids in performances in their districts of origin. With this behavior, the association proposes itself as a place of  meeting and aggregation investing in cultural goals, believing in social action as a way of achieving human and civil growth and acknowledgement, carrying on with the ideal of permanent education. "Compagnia Elefanti" recognizes in  the Lllp(Life Long Learning program) a further instrument to pursue its means in line with its personal social mission, widening its horizons in a european dimension creating meeting opportunities, knowledge sharing between youth of our area and their european colleagues.

Elephant Company Association, has participated to institutional projects already, at national and european level, his members, since 10 years have been operating in social field even with different associations and cooperatives of the country and have been maturating a fairly experience in the management of projects (also European projects, as the programmes LifeLong Learning and Youth in Action), which purpose is circus tutoring and formation of young pupils, social inclusion and animation of the territory, and participating to cultural exchanges with European and extra-European countries.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Thérapies Alternatives
 Éducation et formation
 Apprentissage des adultes
 Mobilité des jeunes
 Arts performants
 Arts visuels
 Europe créative

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