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: 6 mars 2023

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Ekvi is an AI-driven mobile health companion that empowers women to understand, share and manage their health concerns. Our mission is to improve health outcomes for women with endometriosis by using technology to deepen our insights, tear down barriers, and create an empowered future for all. 

Endometriosis affects one in ten women globally and causes chronic pain and often leads to infertility. Our mobile application will help women track their symptoms, connect with healthcare providers and other women with endometriosis, and access evidence-based information and resources.

We are supported by Antler’s start-up generator program – an international VC which specializes in early-stage tech company investments. Ekvi’s co-founders, Cathrine and Mubeen, met through the Antler program. Together we have developed our value proposition, refined our business model, and validated with more than 20 potential customers and 30 international endometriosis experts and researchers.

Our app MVP is in development and we plan to launch it in March 2023.

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 Santé mentale

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