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: 24 avr. 2019

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Bizarra Productions


Is a constellation initiated by three independent artists, that through collaborating with other professionals, are working with young people in Trondelag, Norway.


While Mari and Alessandra have education from theatre studies in  Norway, Italy and England, Meysam has a background as a refugee from Afghanistan, and he relies on non-formal education from many courses and projects in Norway, and his carpenter work with his father in Aghanistan. All three work as professionals in theatre in Norway. We collaborate with informal youth groups, schools and universities.


Our goal is to explore the possibilities of art and artistic expression as a form of self-development, intergration, exploring who one is in the meeting with others, and having fun!



  • Introducing democratic art and forms of artistic expression to new audiences/participants.


  • We believe in the encounter with the Other, without restrictions of nationality, race, gender or political and religious faith. We aim at starting collaborative actions involving national and international institutions, associations, companies for producing, touring and researching activities with youth such as workshops, performances, seminars.


  • Promote the meeting of young people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and disciplines.


  • We build through arts an intercultural dialogue based on tolerance, mutual respect, and empathy. Some of our core themes of investigations are: human rights, preservation of the environment, gender equality, individual liberty, fight against corruption, individual expression and liberty, a positive process of integration and globalization.



  • To promote active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and intercultural awareness


  • Enhance acceptance and quality of non-formal education in Norway


Fields we are active and experienced in:

- Working with youth

- Art (Theatre, visual art, music and movement)

- Refugees – One of our board members (Meysam Abbas Hosseini), has a refugee background, and we work with groups that have minority background. This has led to theatre performances, workshops and visual exhibitions.

- Creating innovative tools for youth education by connecting different approaches such as art, formal and informal education, music etc.


ONGOING PROJECTS: The Birds (Theatre), Bizarra Soap Opera (Theatre), A taste of the Arts (workshops)

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Éducation artistique
 Arts visuels

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