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: 22 août 2018

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Ama Aquilone Social Cooperative NPO, , has its roots in the territory of Ascoli Piceno, and it is the result of the union of two associations, “Ama”, founded in 1981, and “L'Aquilone”, founded in 1983, both in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP).

These associations were originally animated by the commitment of many volunteers who offered help to homeless people, young people, and families with a drug problem.

Today Ama Aquilone has become one of the most representative organizations in the Marche Region.

The Cooperative manages residential structures called "Case” (Houses), in a perspective of reception and integration that, while maintaining its therapeutic specificity, reflects an idea of ​​dignity intimately linked to the “human encounter”, and a series of accommodations for adults in difficulty.

Ama Aquilone carries out projects of social-labour inclusion aimed at unemployed, young people, families and all those people who live the drama of "new poverty".

Ama Aquilone is fully aware that operating for the "common good" also means promoting the sustainable quality of life, and the respect for the environment. On that reasoning, the Cooperative developed, in 2010, a project of organic farming: Ama Terra Eco Care Farm.

The earth is a meeting place, but there are many meeting lands. From the desire to bring together two distinct realities, the Therapeutic Community and the "external world", in 2014 the Cooperative created Ama Festival.

Since 2017, Ama Aquilone has activated a first reception service for foreigners requesting the recognition of international protection.

Training, in particular, has recently represented a strategic goal for Ama Aquilone through its advanced training school “La Scuola Ama”.

We would like to take part as partner in the next call for proposals for European Cooperation Projects.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Innovation sociale
 Affaires sociales et inclusion
 Europe créative
 Social et Bien-être
 Migrants et Réfugiés

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