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: 18 août 2020

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IN2’s mission is to provide software solutions that simplify how businesses and people collect, organise, discover and present digital content.

IN2 builds cutting-edge scalable software for the web & mobile. The company covers the whole spectrum of application development and provisioning (DevOps). Starting with design thinking and co-creation, we engineer and develop interactive and user-friendly software solutions and deploy these from our own private cloud. The core technology consists of an in-house beyond the state-of-the-art content indexing, analysis, automatic annotation, management and publishing platform, on top of which IN2 builds customised solutions for vertical markets. The platform helps clients to search and find vast amounts of digital content for specific application domains, essentially offering highly customised and tailored “Google for X” solutions.


IN2 has a strong experience in R&D activities and the transfer of that knowledge to the market. IN2 works closely with top universities, actively shaping European funded research. An overview of these projects is available on our website.

Our latest activities focus on creating the next generation podcast discovery tool that uses AI and machine learning. We work on improving the way in which mobile applications handle user data and how consumers can become more aware of data privacy aspects. We worked on enhancing interactivity on radio broadcasting and tools to simplify the use of digital content for event organisers, destination managers and publishers. Further topics on previous projects were the engagement of museum visitors by exploring digital content and the development of innovative tools for content re-use in the context of Europeana. IN2 carried out several experiments on FIRE testbeds, investigating new hybrid deployment set-ups for SaaS applications and in cooperation with researchers from the security domain worked towards introducing a holistic, integrated and privacy-friendly approach to the use of social media in emergencies and security incidents.


I am interested in joining EU projects as a partner willing to lead work-packages and also to help with the overall writing of the project.

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 Europe créative
 Horizon Europe

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