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: 5 févr. 2019

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The Clinical Center is a unique healthcare institution providing health services to citizens on a secondary level - as a general hospital for the municipalities of Podgorica, Danilovgrad and Kolašin, and at the tertiary level of health care for the whole of Montenegro. A highly specialized diagnostic, treatment and consultative specialist and subspecialist healthcare activity is carried out as a reference institution of Montenegrin health care at the Clinical Center.

The Clinical Center is also a medical science research center and a teaching base of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montenegro for undergraduate and postgraduate academic education and vocational education for students and experts, that is, educational bases for students of faculties of health profession in the field of general medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, as well as nurses-technicians for secondary and more medical schools.

The Clinical Center is currently implementing one project from the Croatia-Bosnia-Herzegovina-Montenegro Cross-border Program and one project from the cross-border program Italy-Albania-Montenegro, as well as a project from the Horizon 2020 program.

We are interested in projects in the field of health: scientific research, infrastructure, training, ect.

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 Soins de santé
 Santé mentale

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