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Academic title: Engineer Metallurgist, Diploma obtained on 2 November 1994, at Gerhard Mercator Universität-GH Duisburg (University Duisburg-Essen), Germany.

Professional experience of 24 years, initially focused on technical engineering studies in manufacturing plants for metal structures, boiler works & industrial equipment, as Research & Project Engineer at GAN, a subsidiary of POULINA GROUP HOLDING, a multidisciplinary industrial group leading (Tunisia); Subsequently, reconversion to the profession of General Consultant Engineer, focus on "industrial modernization  (mainly for the EU-Program for companies established in Tunisia)" with STRATEGE, a French-Tunisian generalist consulting. Then recruited by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ: former GTZ) to lead with budget monitoring, as Environmental Expert (incl. for Energy aspects), a pilot project of environmental upgrading of the Tunisian private sector; and finally Consultant -manager by VIVERDIS, an environmental consulting located in Tunis. During this last term, principals of international renown, notably, the GIZ (Germany), GOPA CONSULTANTS (Germany), WKÖ (Chamber of Commerce of Austria), AFD (France), Expertise France - EU, entrusted the conduct of various environmental missions.

In my project management assignments, I contributed to the verification and evaluation of these achievements by being the principal interlocutor of the external evaluator. As a result, the verification expertise of environmental and energy projects is familiar to me.

Since 1995, I am recognized as a managing Engineer for industry projects, particularly the construction of industrial buildings and equipment by POULINA GROUP HOLDING, as one of the biggest multidisciplinary industry holding in the place.

Since 1999, I am recognized as a technical expert (as a general engineer) for the Tunisian national industrial upgrading program, including the energy aspects, financed by the European Union.

Since 2002, I am recognized as Senior Environmental and Evaluation Expert by GIZ, EU for environmental projects and programs, including Energy aspects.

Since 2008 ongoing, I am recognized by the above mentioned international actors (including the European Union) as a Senior Consultant by VIVERDIS, a consulting firm that I have been managing since that date to today, for environmental projects, including the energy component.

My key experience can be summarized as follows:

  • Monitoring and Participation to the Evaluation-Verification GIZ MNE- Environmental Project as a Local Senior Environmental Expert in Tunisia. I was a Senior environmental expert by German Technical Cooperation GTZ in Tunis for the project “Levelling of the Tunisian private companies at environmental requirements (MNE in French)”/(thought systemic, strategic thinking, operational plan, implemented technical & monitoring) and Principal advisor in implementation of Tunisian public-private alliance for the environment. I was trained in 2005 with about twenty German mission leaders at the GIZ headquarters in Eschborn in Germany on management fundamentals using GIZ methods (former GTZ)
  • GIZ -IT Project verification in Tunisia [Monitoring and interim evaluation of the progress of the "Start-up Factory" PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) Cooperation Tunisiana (IT -Operator)]
  • Country specific potential analysis on national & international level for environmental aspects
  • Hands-on experience in market and feasibility studies in environmental and energy sectors
  • Project identification and project evaluation
  • Director of Research Department, Department Construction of Industrial plants, agri-food industry Installations and Boiler makings
  • Managing director (Leader) of industrial projects
  • Consulting, centred on the strategic development of Companies (SMC), the installation of partnerships and the consulting in industries & services
  • Former international Auditor - Third party in Environment ISO 14001 certified TUV CERT Akademie Rheinland Germany/ N° Certificate: 0104519 in 2004
  • Founder, manager and managing director of VIVERDIS, Consulting Company, specialized in Industry & Environment (see chapter 14: honored work and confirmed references in the environmental sector, including energy aspects, among international actors)
  • Realization of several specific environmental diagnostics with energy components in various industries
  • Technical assistance for EMS (Environmental Management System) according to ISO 14001, including energy aspects, for many companies and industry sectors
  • Nominal participation among 51 environmental experts in the world, an international prospective study of major environmental issues, impacts, regional and global trends in environmental investments in the medium and long term (2030)/FUTURE RADAR Report 2012-2015/ ECO WORLD STYRIA (Austria)
  • Realization of a study of diagnosis of the requirements in formation & improvement in the field of the energetic of the building, topic “thermal insulation in the civil building” in Tunisia (German Technical Cooperation GTZ)
  • Development of a strategic study “potential of the Tunisian market in the field of technologies of the environment & opportunities Austrian exports to Tunisia”
  • Management of the implementation of a project Public-Private-Partnership PPP "Environmental Management chain supermarkets MONOPRIX in Tunisia”, notably with an energy focus / ecological analysis
  • Completion of training on tools for sustainable management of industrial zones (concept of industrial ecology)
  • Author of the first national environmental guide for the cement industry in Tunisia, including the co-processing aspects (focus on energy efficiency)
  • Development of a strategic study "the potential of the Tunisian market in the field of renewable energy (Focus: Tunisian Solar Plan 2010-2016), and opportunities for Austrian exports to Tunisia"
  • Leader expert / technical assistance to National Agency for Waste Management, Tunisia (ANGED in French) for conducting a techno-economic and environmental study on alternatives to plastic bags in ordinary disposable plastic in supermarkets in Tunisia.
  • Team leader and environmental governance expert by Expertise France in Gabes (Tunisia) for the project “Support to local environmental governance of industrial activities in Gabes -Tunisia” (Focus consensus Building on environmental issues between civil society, local authorities and industry in Gabès, a heavily polluted region by the chemical industry, mainly the phosphate processing industry).

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Efficacité énergétique
 Ressources naturelles
 Énergie renouvelable
 Développement et coopération
 Union européenne
 Relations internationales
 Relations euro-méditerranéennes

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