: 27 juil. 2019

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My name name is Adamu Yimer Beyene and work in Bahir Dar University. My responsibility is training, conduxting research and delivering community services. I had a small project working on establishing a small fish farm pond for marginal periurban areas and fish feed preparation from locally avaiable ingredients and now it is completed.

I'm interested in calls of aquaculture development (fish seed production, strain selection, fish feed production, fish farm design and construction, fish post harvest handling, processing and value addition), aquaculture policy and legal framework, enhancing sustainable aquaculture development and production and productivity of aquaculture fish and fish products in Ethiopia.

Our/my cooperation activity in short will be promoting and complementing inoovative applied researches, enhancement and evaluation of fisheries and aquaculture technologies transfer and organize and coordinate practical and research based training.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Pêche et alimentation
 Santé et bien-être des animaux
 Ressources génétiques

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