Windows on Europe : live video exchanges between cities, with screens in streets, universities and art centers

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The idea is to have live video feeds between european cities with screens and cameras in the street.

I can think of 2 kinds of display:

  • Either the screen got a "front" camera so people could communicate with others when they look at the screen,
  • Either the screen got a "rear" camera or at least one out of reach so that the screen would just be a link between the 2 cities, displaying a live feed from a busy street or a landscape view.

One picture is worth a thousand words so I attached one with this project.
And a video is even better ;-) but I can't put a URL in this message so to watch a related video, look for "SNCF - L'europe c'est la porte a cote" in your favorite serach engine, this is an ad from the french rail company with a similar concept,

Placing permanent screens on the street involves budgets, votes, inter-cities communication, red tape. This can be very complicated, so I thought of  2 alternatives ideas that can be simpler to develop in a first time:

Indoor version:

It would be much simpler to setup, it could be moved between places, it wouldn't have to be permanently in the same building. There could be a phone with it so people would communicate.
We could put some in train stations for example, so instead of waiting, watching your phone, travelers could talk to other europeans?

Van-mounted version

The idea is to have a few vans travelling accross Europe each containing a a couple of screens with cameras, mobile versions of the original idea. The van would stop anywhere, plug somewhere to get electricty and have a 4G link to stream videos.
A such fleet of vehicules coud be used in a lot of different cases : to incite people to vote for european elections, to show potential Erasmus students other European campuses, etc.

The idea would be to make most of the components libre/open source.
I set up a project on HackAday where some technical details can be discussed search "hackaday window-on-the-world" to find it

Do not hesitate to contact me here or to leave comments on the HackAday website.


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