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The Crow's Conservation Foundation

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The Crow’s Conservation Foundation (CCF) is a national non-governmental organisation whose objective is to contribute to the conservation of habitat, fauna and flora through raising awareness, providing training and encouraging research thus, stimulating and contributing to sustainable use and conservation of natural areas and ecosystems; it envisions to protect biodiversity and mitigate threats to the natural environment through providing environmental education, training, mentorship of ecological restoration, biodiversity research and support for conservation and better environmental management within South Sudan and beyond. It’s registered with Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) under Chapter 3, Section 10 of the NGOs Act, 2016 and its subscribers are South Sudanese.

In order to accomplish our activities, CCF is seeking partnership with noble reputable organisations who are pioneers in conservation programs so as to complement conservation efforts already being carried out to advance the goal of biodiversity conservation and economic growth. We believe that such partnership will give us a broader activity base, as well as take advantage of economies of scale associated with it. CCF is also inquiring for known potential donors to solicit for funding and to seek your partnership in order to facilitate its conservation work and agenda. Further, mindful of the government conservation priorities and the need to avoid duplication of services and waste of resources, the foundation will inquire from SSWS which is the constitutionally mandated authority by the Wildlife Service Act 2011 to preserve, conserve, manage and protect wildlife for the benefit of present and future generations on areas where our efforts should be directed if funding is secured; suffice to say CCF intends to engage the community through conservation outreach programs targeting initially three protected areas (PAs) of Boma National Park, Nimule National Park and Kidepo Game Reserve because of the rich biodiversity these PAs hold and the prospects for transboundary engagements. Lessons learned from the project will then be rolled out to other PAs countrywide.

CCF recognises the success of conservation organizations in advancing the conservation agenda and law enforcement activities by South Sudan Wildlife Services (SSWS) in conserving our wildlife and biodiversity since independence and the foundation is proud to join you and other partners in this struggle particularly to change the way people perceive and view wildlife through education and imparting conservation ideas to the growing number of citizens (populace) who seem not aware of the value of biodiversity (wildlife) and the steps they can take to conserve it sustainably, and to make them see the appealing greater and broader values of this invaluable resource. CCF intends to do this through: i- improving of conservation institutions to effectively implement PA conservation and management strategies, ii- improving access to conservation information through addressing key conservation knowledge gaps and perceptions, and iii- creating opportunities for communities to benefit from biodiversity conservation.

The foundation requests your noble office for introduction to potential donors and organisations which support conservation work in order to meet our mission; we believe this is necessary because our activities will call for collaboration in one way or another in partnership to address some of the conservation challenges so as to achieve the broader conservation objectives. The foundation will also appreciate advice on pertinent information that will make our operations and activities a success.

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