we are looking for adult education centers specialized in NEET and Refugee problems

il y a 2 ans


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On behalf of Konya IL MEM(Public body) and one of our adult education centers(Selçuklu Halk Eğitim-Public body) we would love to cooperate for preparation of a new Erasmus+ project which is targeting colloboration with Adult Education this project we are trying to provide eduactions both for the immigrants and NEETs in the same class(this is unique because usually immigrants are seperated for the inclusion classes) while theya are having inclusive education .Through this project the ultimate goal will be bringing young refuugees/immigrants and  NEETs in our countries together in order to get them skilled for  working at restaurants as assisstant chef or having their own business (restaurant).As well as having education for cooking ;during the project the attendants will be having language classes and digital skills for marketing.

We are aiming to create such an education for two years in which the attendants will be learning about new recipes form different countries and their own immigrants will also learn the native language of the country as well as practicing it with the NEETs in the same classroom during cooking and Digital Marketing the end of the project the participants will be able to cook about 50 different dishes from different cuisenes(from their own culture and from miscellanous cuisines in European countries).The attendants will have language classes (immigrants will learn native languages and NEETs will learn a foreingn language) and digital marketing classes as well

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