Visual and Performative Arts from old Jewish Quarters in Portugal

il y a 2 ans

Andre Feitosa de Sousa



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A memorial project is currently being carried out, taking the reference of the Portuguese Inquisition (1536-1821) and its early victims, looking at Visual and Performative Arts from the old Portuguese Jewish quarters/blocks. The guiding concept of the collective project revolves around the idea of “healing social trauma as a requirement for belonging in a possible future” by two of our team members who are both artists (performers) and clinical psychologists. This metaphor also resonates with the Jewish intellectual heritage of "Tikkun Olam" ("healing the world"). That is our transversal starting point as to deal with further topics on [1] Ethnic Minorities, on [2] Cultures of Remembrance, on [3] Transnational Politics and Policies of Memory.

A proposal is currently being developed concerning performative and installation arts in the field of public art and site-specific works related to the old Jewish Quarters in Portugal. This action will start from OPorto (city) and we hope to artistically multiplicate it all over the country as part of the heritage remembrance within the European-Iberian Jewries. It will evolve members of local communities with a focus on the youth ;This intervention hopes to offer both sensible and political repairment related to the victims of the Portuguese Inquisition - actually, making a particular correlation between names and places/cities, many of those who were not only persecuted but also burned alive during the public Inquisition ´Acts of Faith´. Therefore, it resonates a public-repairment for the previous public-violence under the current political invisibility.

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